[Consortium] OpenExpo 2008 in Karlsruhe

Reinhard suamor at web.de
Sat Mar 29 15:22:49 EDT 2008


A friend of mine just showed me that there will be a german
open source expo. I already wrote on the german linux audio
board in case somebody wants to take part as a project (probably
a booth).

Unfortunately it is really close to the Berlin Linuxtag 2008,
so it is probably mainly interesting for those living in the
south of germany.

As many audio developers and users live in south germany I hope that
someone is willing to make an LinuxAudio/JackLab/Studio64 or whatever
project booth.

Kind regards,

Reinhard Katzmann
Software-Engineer, Developer of User Interfaces
Project: Canorus - the next generation music score editor -
GnuPG Public Key available on request

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