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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Oct 25 05:40:14 EDT 2008

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Hey Linuxaudio.org'ers,

It's been a while, and we're behind several announcements..

First of all: linuxaudio.org is doing fine.

Second I'll briefly mention a statement of our Director:

Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote : "We need to start thinking about the function
of the management board. This aspect has been all but dead. How about we
announce restructuring of the board and go from there? My suggestion is
to retain the core of those of us who are most active and then add key
figures in the community who will be active contributors to our cause."

No surprise there. Further discussion may or may not follow on
http://lists.linuxaudio.org/listinfo/consortium/ - and last but not least:

Holger Ballweg has stepped forward and done an amazing job updating
http://apps.linuxaudio.org/. We went on to http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/
which is finally due an official announcement:

* http://wiki.linuxaudio.org
 open to public (openID/CAPTCHA)

Everybody is welcome to use this wiki for gnu/Linux and FLOSS audio
related projects or communication. Feel free to ask for additional
permissions or plugins. - send your project application or suggestions
to LAD, start writing a wiki page about it or send a patch ;)

We would like to support maintained and moderated namespaces adopted by
members of the community; balancing http://linuxaudio.org/members in
favor of interest groups. We have neither intentions nor budget to take
on wiki.ubuntu.com or wikipedia. Commercial interest is tolerated.
Professional interest in linux-audio is more or less a prerequisite. The
usual exceptions apply for Music, Art, etc. see http://linuxaudio.org/policy

..and we're not going to stop there.

Here's a quick overview of HTTP services, vhosts and tasks. Any comments
and suggestions are appreciated; as is help getting there:

* http://lad.linuxaudio.org - will be consolidated into drupal
(www.linuxaudio.org) and wiki.linuxaudio.org. - Apart from the
http://lad.linuxaudio.org/events/ (lots of pictures and media) there's
only 16 HTML pages. - similarly lowlatency.linuxaudio.org should become
an entry-point to the wiki.

* http://lad.linuxaudio.org/events/ should be merged with

* http://portal.linuxaudio.org, http://linuxaudio.org,
  Drupal CMS is edited and maintained by the consortium.

We're urgently looking for 2-5 Content Maintainers (and Guitarists) so
that some of us can take a holiday break.

Besides in the longer term we're looking for volunteers to summarize or
comment on a LAD/LAU thread once in a while, and editors to write short
articles in the likes of kerneltrap.org.

* http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/ is actually the same as
http://apps.linuxaudio.org/wiki/ - vhosts will be merged, redirect..

linuxaudio.org is going to stick to /international english/ for wiki
pages - We'll gladly link to non-english LAO sites - If you're in need
we can provide hosting or bandwidth/mirroring solutions for these.

* http://apps.linuxaudio.org/wiki/request
 bookmarklet in beta test. Easy way to submit new apps.

* http://lau.linuxaudio.org and http://quicktoots.linuxaudio.org/
probably remain as is. There are a lot of hidden resources there! -
Maybe some minor updates on the front-page. point to the wiki or portal.

* http://ladspavst.linuxaudio.org/ - great as it is.

* http://ccmixter.linuxaudio.org - for a short time.around
http://www.linuxaudio.org/mailarchive/lau/2007/11/15 we set up a
bare-bone ccmixter.org intended for Music-Made-With-Linux. Should you
desire to style and maintain a ccmixter community: here's your chance.

* http://radio.linuxaudio.org/
Anyone interested? shall we stream random songs from lam.fugal.net ?!
repeat talks from the LAC? or better no-stream than some weird random mix?

* for http://forum.linuxaudio.org/ we started collaboration with

If you don't like the current style/template: We're challenging
web-designers to come up with a better one.
The consortium-site is a http://drupal.org ; apps & wiki a
http://dokuwiki.org CMS. - get in contact with us on the LAD mailing list.

thanks for your attention,
robin for the linuxaudio.org team.

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