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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Oct 28 06:49:53 EDT 2008

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Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 17:09 +0100, Robin Gareus wrote:
>> Thorsten is right in saying that we should not keep out-of-date
>> information and drop old material. We have more urgent issues on
>> linuxaudio.org than lau and quicktoots.
> So are you suggesting that the sub domains are dropped completely or at
> least not pointing to the existing content?

neither. If you read my comments closely my suggestion was to have the
sub-domains (vhosts) become entry points. The content there will be the
same (or an updated version).

My original judgment on lau/quicktoots/lowlatency was: "good as is -
maybe some minor modifications" until we have the time to revisit it.
IMO updating the front-page and lad.linuxaudio.org is much more
important; as is reorganizing the /members and updating the /music page.

> That's fine by me as I can host them on my own server. I have no problem
> moving them back to djcj.org.

I find it a pity that you ignore suggestions to update it and rather
pull the plug instead.

> The only reason they are hosted at linuxaudio.org in the first place is
> because both Ico and Daniel asked me to add host them there but that was
> before the rest of the site was built out and when they were one of the
> few real attempts at documenting Linux audio for n00bs in general.

The reason why I donate time to apps, wiki etc on linuxaudio.org is that
I've missed those features when I started with linux-audio.

> Things have changed a lot of the past few years so maybe they have done
> their job at lao and should be moved back to their original location on
> djcj.org?

I won't know about djcj; Have a look at
http://lalists.stanford.edu/lad/1998/ - I find this an amazing online
community. There's no need for anyone to crawl back under a rock even
after 10 years!

> I'll give you guys a couple of days to decide otherwise I'll migrate
> them at the end of the week.

I'm very busy; maybe you can ask someone to help you?
Would anyone one the lists be interested take over maintaining the
lau.linuxaudio.org domain ?

> Cheers.
sorry, I'm not feeling very cheerful.

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