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Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Fri Apr 20 21:21:55 UTC 2012

if i may:

i share ico's sentiments expressed earlier in this thread, and also 
aymeric's wrt to advertising on the net.
let's not go there. the whole thing is a bureaucratic nightmare and the 
prospective gains are in no relation to the pain.

as an aside: even though i'm perfectly willing to accept patrick's 
judgment about the reputation of the company that is interested in 
advertising, i find this request in particular a bit shady: the page in 
question is totally obsolete, and to use it as an advertising platform 
just because of its search engine visibility seems a very questionable 
thing to do. SEO is (not only in my book) the second greatest evil on 
the net after spamming, and i'm totally opposed to supporting it or 
making any money off it.

if there is any need for pocket money (and so far, this is what we're 
talking about), i'm perfectly willing to shell out, say, 50 USD a year 
to meet any operational costs of *.linuxaudio.org which are not covered 
by the donation of manpower or bandwidth from vt.



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