[Consortium] linuxaudiojournal.com

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Apr 21 03:25:14 UTC 2012


I have just purchased linuxaudiojournal.com

I will maintain that url as a for profit venture with paid advertising.

That way we can avoid the immediate issue of linuxaudio.org in regards to
paid advertising which gives us more flexibility with coming to a common
ground on the issue of commercialising aspects of the Consortiums remit.

One thing I think we should discuss is the boundaries and restrictions we
want for the Consortium. At the moment our policy is to provide support
for professionals who use Linux as an Audio platform.

What is our position on the Music industry in general? Currently we
actively support hardware manufacturing and software development. We
support creative enterprise. Do we want to support other aspects of the
industry such as promotions and marketing? Do we have any policy on the
corporate scientific use of the Linux Audio tools? For example, many of
the tools we as a community build are actively used in highly profitable
medical, mining, space and geophysical industries.

Where do we stand on commercial radio and television? Both of those
sectors rely extensively on paid advertising for their income and feedback
development efforts to the community.

Do we have any problems with actively courting and supporting companies
that come from other enterprises than the Hardware/Software, Entertainment
and Educational sectors?


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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