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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Apr 27 14:50:38 UTC 2012

On 04/27/2012 02:18 AM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:

>> http://lau.linuxaudio.org/
>>   302 -> http://linux-audio.com/
>>   Linux Audio Users Guide - some useful information (read-only curated
>>   by P.Shirkey)
>>   IMHO the content of this site should be merged into
>>    http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/
>>   and
>>    http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/newbie
>>   to allow to being updated by the LAU community.
>>   The content was deleted from LAO on April/22/2012 after it
>>   was migrated to linux-audio.com by its maintainer.
>>   We do have a backup in case s.o want to keep it alive at LAO
>>   ?? keep redirect | use wiki ??
>> http://quicktoots.linuxaudio.org/
>>   301 -> http://quicktoots.linux-audio.com/
>>   Tutorials - mostly pre 2004
>>   the up-to-date stuff should probably go to flossmanual.net
>>   the content was deleted from LAO on April/22/2012 after it
>>   was migrated to  linux-audio.com by its maintainer.
>>   We do have a backup in case s.o want to keep it alive at la.org
>>   ?? -> should be removed ??
> So you actually want to absorb all of the content 

"absorb content" - LOL. That's even better than "consume" :)

> that I pulled together
> over the years and compete with linux-audio.com on search? 

Nah, I won't do anything of that sort.

> Hardly in the
> best interests of the community but as the content is FDL or CC licensed
> no one can stop you.

IMHO the best for the community would would be to collect end-user
targeted _manuals_ and _tutorials_ on https://flossmanuals.net/  - It
allows proper maintenance of the text. Remixing, printing, translations,
layouting, and what not.. - It's also the site that most newbies check

Some of the lau.linuxaudio.org stuff however should IMO go into the
linux-audio-user wiki.
Do you have any objection to that?

> BTW, the content was originally migrated to LAO from DJCJ.org. You may not
> be aware the the lau-guide, linuxvst, lowlatency howto and quicktoots were
> originally hosted at djcj.org. They are certainly not the property of LAO
> and had almost no contributions from LAO members since they were migrated.

Sure, you've mentioned that a few times before. and yes I'm aware of it
because I've created the vhost and account for you around 2005/06. I'm
not sure how this is relevant to the current discussion however, but
we're actually really grateful for most of your efforts and the time you
invested. It's a bit sad to see you depart because of - IIUC - a handful
of advertisement bucks.  ..or is it about your independence from the
consortium and community?


>> http://lowlatency.linuxaudio.org/
>>   low-latency info for linux-2.2 and linux-2.4
>>   some general good info but pretty much outdated.
>>   it's a single page in that v-host. Should become a wiki-page
>>   ?? 301 -> http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/lowlatency ??
> This single page has a history which you may not be aware of. It was the
> most highly read page for a number of years. Deleting it seems like a
> travesty to me. It should have a place of honour in the LAO hall of
> fame...

You got a point there. Now, we only need a hall-of-fame.

lowlatency.linuxaudio.org now redirects to the wiki. The wiki-page has a
note about the history of it at the top (feel free to edit - the wiki
does keep a history and provides permanent URLs) and also links to a
.tgz of the original HTML, which can - one day - be used in the
hall-of-fame. Meanwhile there's

Being wiki-syntax, provides for easy copy/paste. Some of the content
that's still relevant these days can be merged into other - up-to-date

>> http://awards.linuxaudio.org/
>>   an initiative started by P. Shirkey in 2009 - seems dead
>>   ?? not sure ??
> There wasn't enough interest from the community so the project was
> abandoned. Feel free to zap it.


# zap awards.linuxaudio.org
zap: command not found
:) - I will look into that later.

>> http://label.linuxaudio.org/
>>   an initiative by P. Shirkey(?) in 2011 - never got started
>>   ?? not sure - delete it ?!
> This never happened. 
> Given that there is no interest in "for profit"
> activities at LAO it probably never will.
> Can't see anyone having the time or motivation to run a label as a volunteer.
> --
> Patrick Shirkey
> Boost Hardware Ltd

http://lam.fugal.net/ is not exactly a "label"; but works just fine sine
9 years.

While LAO is not officially a 501(c). Non-profit has always been an
integral part of the linuxaudio organization and consortium.

However, that does not mean that we can't promote or support [linux]
musicians who in turn make profit. A LAO label may pay off indirectly:
Someone may volunteer to pull it off for that reason.

For the time being, filtering http://planet.linuxaudio.org/ for music or
running a dedicated planet that only aggregates sounds might be a
start... thoughts?


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