[Consortium] Archival of Audio Distributions - Hall of Fame

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Sep 11 04:10:00 UTC 2012


I propose that we create a new subdomain called : distro.linuxaudio.org

At this location we create a webpage that lists all the audio
distributions for linux audio and serves as a canonical reference for
projects that have been abandoned. We also host the latest/last version of
every distribution on the list.

Kind of like a history of Linux Audio Distributions.

One appeal in hosting this at linuxaudio.org is that there are a few
distros already hosted there. Another is that it might keep the flame
burning for people who are thinking of rolling their own in the future.

Distro's take a considerable amount of time and effort to produce so
honouring them with a "Hall of Fame" so to speak is fulfilling the remit
of the consortium to promote Linux Audio to a wider audience.

Of course if there is no interest project I will set it up on
linux-audio.com so either way we don't loose out. In an ideal situation we
host the data in a couple of locations for redundancy. Given that
linuxaudio.org servers are in the USA and linux-audio.com servers are in
the EU it seems like a good combination to me. Taking it a step further
maybe we can get some of the EU based Universities or institutes to
contribute some hardware and then I don't have to pay for the EU host out
of my own pocket.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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