[Consortium] Tango Studio Debian 2.1~rc1

Jof Thibaut generalmidi at tuxfamily.org
Fri Dec 6 11:18:58 UTC 2013

After one year of developpement, we're glad to announce the availability of
Tango Studio 2.1 Live ISOs. This new version is based on Debian Wheezy 7.2
and contains a collection of the best open-source applications available
for audio creation. Thanks to all who helped with making up this news ISOs!
(especially Lionel and those who tested the beta ISOs and reporting bugs)

                      d°_°b Initial Release 2.1~rc1 d°_°b

* Live DVD for try or install the distribution
* Graphical debian installer included
* Only english language available on live mode

* 3.2.51-realtime
* i386 ISO use a realtime PAE kernel

Desktop Environment:
* MATE 1.4.2 (fork of GNOME 2) + Tango Studio Desktop

Base Audio:
* Only ALSA and JACK2 are installed
* JACK2 is configured to be used directly in realtime mode with Ladish or
* A loopback soundcard (snd-aloop module) is actived by default
* PATH for all plugins have been added to the bash

* More than one hundred Audio applications and plugins are installed
* Multiarch support is actived for ISO amd64

Warning: The ISOs contains packages non-free. The packages non-free are
restricted by copyright or legal issues in some countries.
See http://www.debian.org/legal/licenses/ for more information.

Note: The ISOs can be used for the stable production but was only tested on
a few computers, it's why the ISOs are tagged ~rc1
If it work or you find the bugs, please let me know :)

More information on Tango Studio are available at the project homepage

See http://tangostudio.tuxfamily.org

~d°_°b~ Tango Studio ~d°_°b~


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