[Consortium] App Database Backend

Georg Krause mail at georg-krause.net
Sun Apr 9 15:56:57 UTC 2017


today I started to go through the wiki (wiki.linuxaudio.org) to get an
idea of what needs to be done. I found some stuff to do which keeps me
busy for the next weeks.

Beside of that I think the structure of the App DB is a unhandy. Its
pretty nice because there is no other software needed. But it is not
nice to search or add new stuff. So I would like to change it.

What I imagine is a database with an interface to search through and
with more data fields like "lv2 plugin", "lv2 host", "dssi plugin" and
some more. To achieve this i think there would be an database backend

So here some questions:

What do you think? Is this necessary and useful?
Is it technically possible on the current web space?

Right now its just an idea I want to discuss, until this is finished i
will work on updating the content of the wiki.


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