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Marc-Olivier Barre marco at marcochapeau.org
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I haven't spoken up for a while. Sorry if whatever I say feels misplaced, but when you say people should take responsibility that's just the thing: who's reponsible for linuxaudio.org ? Hosting is
done by Virginia tech. That part is run by Ico (or used to be ? it's been a while...), but if I recall correctly that's only the hosting part which doesn't make Ico the boss of linuxaudio.

As far as I can remember, the consortium doesn't really have elected officials (or benevolent dictators) which seems to be what you are looking for.

Am I getting all this wrong ?

Cheers !

On Sun, 2021-02-21 at 20:16 +0000, anonymous_user wrote:
> I really wonder why it is so hard to say to them, to find a different spot on the Internet?
> The implications for them are really small. With a few clicks in github, they've cloned their repository.
> While the implications if they stay are really big.
> People should take their responsibility here.
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