[Jack-Devel] Want to get involved in testing Windows Jack - Already using Ableton, etc.

djbarney djbarney at djbarney.org
Sat Aug 22 21:24:01 CEST 2015

Hi Jack people,

I am doing a lot of testing of various types of Windows audio software 
at the moment. ReWire is good but Jack would make a nice alternative. I 
tested in Windows Vista and got Jack Audio running, but it crashed a few 
times and I got very crackly audio. After moving to my Windows 7 64bit 
dual boot installation (I eventually discovered the custom/hacked PAX 
drivers for my X-Fi card to replace buggy Creative drivers) I found Jack 
more stable but still get this crackling in the audio - this is not 
present in any other audio from my system, MME, ASIO, games, ReWire, 

So how do I get involved with the Windows version ? I can put in bug 
reports and do testing. I have been known to fire up windows compilers 
(after eating the right kind of mushrooms, ya know how it is) but I'm 
not an experienced coder. Frankly I wonder what is causing the crackling 
because the rest of Jack in Windows seems to be working and stable.

DJ Barney



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