[Jack-Devel] About cross-compilation of jack2 in MXE and libportaudio

Harry Nakos xnakos at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 16:16:23 CEST 2015

Hi, guys!

I recently committed the entry for jack2 to the MXE cross-compiler,
specifically version 1.9.10. One notable thing was needed and that was
linking to flac, vorbis, vorbisenc, and ogg, dependencies that libsndfile
had (needed for static linking). Timothy Gu of MXE suggested that a recent
commit in jack2 utilised pkg-config for libsndfile and that would eliminate
the need of my not-so-pretty hack. Anyway, this is not the main reason for
this message. But any general points about cross-compilation of jack2 and
required/suggested libraries would be nice. The main reason is portaudio.

After building jack2 in MXE, I saw this in my log:

+ install
(from build/windows/libportaudio.dll.a)

This resulted in portaudio library, which was already built in MXE as a
requirement for jack2, to be overwritten. I am not quite sure I understand
the reasons for this. So I would really enjoy an explanation! In practice,
when trying to cross-compile Hydrogen drum machine, this overwrite would
result in linking errors such as:

CMakeFiles/hydrogen-core-0.9.7.dir/objects.a(portaudio_driver.cpp.obj): In
function `ZN6H2Core15PortAudioDriver10disconnectEv':
portaudio_driver.cpp:107: undefined reference to `Pa_StopStream'
portaudio_driver.cpp:114: undefined reference to `Pa_CloseStream'
portaudio_driver.cpp:121: undefined reference to `Pa_Terminate'
portaudio_driver.cpp:111: undefined reference to `Pa_GetErrorText'
portaudio_driver.cpp:118: undefined reference to `Pa_GetErrorText'
CMakeFiles/hydrogen-core-0.9.7.dir/objects.a(portaudio_driver.cpp.obj): In
function `ZN6H2Core15PortAudioDriver7connectEv':
portaudio_driver.cpp:71: undefined reference to `Pa_Initialize'
portaudio_driver.cpp:75: undefined reference to `Pa_GetErrorText'
portaudio_driver.cpp:87: undefined reference to `Pa_OpenDefaultStream'
portaudio_driver.cpp:91: undefined reference to `Pa_GetErrorText'
portaudio_driver.cpp:95: undefined reference to `Pa_StartStream'
portaudio_driver.cpp:99: undefined reference to `Pa_GetErrorText'

These errors are not present when linking to the original portaudio
library. Any information would be great, because I am definitely missing a

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