[Jack-Devel] Mac OS X build - XCode/waf?

Patric Schmitz bzk0711 at aol.com
Sun Nov 1 22:29:35 CET 2015

On 11/01/2015 07:59 PM, Patric Schmitz wrote:
> is the build for Mac OS X currently maintained? Where are the
> most up-to-date build instructions to be found? I see there's a
> waf wscript set up in the macosx folder, but there's also the
> XCode project. Which one is the 'official' way to build, which
> one would you prefer to have fixed if I dig into this (neither
> works out of the box)?

Ok having looked a bit more into it, comparing git history of the
respective files, it seems that the XCode project is more
up-to-date. How is the long-term take on this, do you plan to
integrate MacOS in the waf system in order to have the build
streamlined between platforms?

Anyways I was able to build the jackdmp project, however I had to
remove the USE_OPUS define. I see that you provide a precompiled
version of libopus.a, and in that case I would recommend to
provide the headers alongside it in order to avoid
inconsistencies with memory layouts etc.

On this system, libopus seems to actually be deployed by macports
in some non-standard directory. It does provide a pkg-config file
though, so I would guess I can just set PKG_CONFIG_PATH
accordingly and have everything located automatically. Anyone
knows if XCode provides such pkg-config integration? It seems the
paths need to be hardcoded as of now, which is fine for the time
being but would be nice if users just needed to have their
environment set up properly and stuff would build out of the box.

If I want to update the MacOS build instructions a bit, just
issue pull request against the web page?


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