[Jack-Devel] jackaudio.org pull request

Markus Seeber markus.seeber at spectralbird.de
Mon Apr 4 19:37:03 CEST 2016

On 04/04/2016 11:59 AM, JoergSorge wrote:
> Hi,
> I' had a little bit effort to update jack2 for ubuntu 14.4.
> With the help of the community, I was able to make it happen.
> But for users, they don't have this possibility, it maybe good, when
> some tutorials more for installing/updating are available.
> My proposal is this.
> http://joergsorge.de/blog/?p=9
> Perhaps, jackaudio.org can have more informations for newbies about that?
> Regards,
> Jörg

Might be worth adding to the Wiki, since it is highly specific. I'll
track it but can not look into it right now.

You could edit the wiki which should be writeable or include a link, I
am currently unsure and would have to review the structure of the Wiki
on where to include a link or the specific content, currently short on time.

Tracked here:

Best regards

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