[Jack-Devel] TH2 crashes when choosing JackRouter as Asio device

George gk3land at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 19:04:14 CEST 2016

Please help. 

I installed JACK x64 on my windows 10 x64 and followed the instruction. I 
use Overloud TH2 as guitar effects. 

I ran Jack PortAudio, and then I turned Overloud TH2 on and selected 
JackRouter as device (instead Asio4all I use) and it said that:

Cannot connect to named pipe: = \\. \pipe\client_jack_TH2_0 err = 5
Cannot connect to client pipe
Cannot connect to client name = TH2
Cannot open client

I found out someones answer to that - that I wasn't running Jack as 
So I did, and now when I select Jack Router as device in TH2 - TH2 shuts 
down, saying that it has been stopped (I'm translating the message from a 
Russian Windows 10 - so maybe the correct word is "the program has been 
terminated"). Then a window comes up saying that (loose translation): 

the problem that came up has led to the stop of the program. windows will 
close the program, and if there is a known way to fix the problem, will 
notify you about it. 

This window has a button "close the program" that I press and it closes TH2 

This happens every time I run TH2.

How can I fix it? 

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