[Jack-Devel] FFADO 2.3.0 released

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Mon Aug 8 13:07:44 CEST 2016

The FFADO developers are pleased to announce FFADO version 2.3.0, a package
of userspace drivers for firewire audio interfaces.  While there are no
significant new features in this version compared to the last, FFADO 2.3.0
contains a large number of incremental improvements.  Users of FFADO are
encouraged to upgrade.

This source-only release can be downloaded from the ffado.org website at


or via the direct link:


Notable changes include:
 * Configuration entries added for additional devices which work with the
   generic support layer (PreSonus Studiolive 32.4.2, Presonus StudioLive
   16.0.2, ICON FireXon, Onyx Blackbird and the new Onyx 1640i, among
 * Support added for the newer Focusrite Saffire Pro 26.
 * Improved build support for various downstream consumers.
 * Better routing for selected Saffire devices and the Firestudio Mobile.
 * Significant cleanup and refinement of the M-Audio and Yamaha driver.
 * Compilation fixes for recent versions of gcc.
 * Recover from dead streams without causing jackd to shut down.

Thanks go out to the developers and users who contributed code and
information which went into this release: Kristian Amlie, Melanie Bernkopf, 
David Binderman, Philippe Carriere, Yves Grenier, Florian Hofmann, Hector 
Martin, Mathieu Picot, Philippe Ploquin, Stefan Richter, Takashi Sakamoto,
Jano Svitok, Karl Swisher, Steven Tonge and Jonathan Woithe.

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