[Jack-Devel] graph simplification using mathematics?

Thomas Brand tom at trellis.ch
Sun Jul 3 00:24:44 CEST 2016

On Sat, July 2, 2016 23:14, Stéphane Letz wrote:
> Faust :  http://faust.grame.fr

Faust was the first thing that came to mind indeed! The introduction
paragraphs in the documentation says

-specification language
-describe signal processors from a mathematical point of view
-free from implementation details

But right after that:
-FAUST programs are fully compiled, not interpreted.

I can imagine to bundle FAUST code from different processors
semi-automatically or handcrafted to one unit relatively easily. However i
was thinking in a direction where the units live in a host still as single
units, to be connected in different ways, and the host would dynamically
derive a single math operation of the current graph. I understand this
would include recompilation or some kind of JIT compilation in order to
work. If possible at all, i think Faust would currently be the best fit,
since it already offers some of the fundamental concepts needed to even
think about doing something like this. That would allow large graphs with
almost no context switches (this is pure speculation).


PS: jack-devel list added to reply

>> Le 2 juil. 2016 à 22:58, Thomas Brand <tom at trellis.ch> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> i wondered if the following scenario could work. Assuming DSP is
>> basically maths, and the formula and variables for every plugin would be
>> known, would it then be possible to magically simplify all formulas of
>> all plugins to one single formula doing all in one step? Does this sound
>> weird? Greetings
>> Tom

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