[Jack-Devel] Linking apps together from script

james-rpf james.robinson at raspberrypi.org
Tue Jul 26 20:16:18 CEST 2016


I'm trying to get receive audio data from a USB software defined radio and
pipe it through jack to alsa out and also to another app dl-fldigi.

It's working (off a fashion) using this hacky script
https://gist.github.com/jrobinson-uk/123daebd8ff58d636ba02da9dfd7f3e1 which

starts the jack server
starts the 3 apps to link (mplayer --> alsa_out --> dl-fldigi)
links mplayer to alsa then also to dl-fldigi

I have 2 questions:

Some of the apps either crash occasionally (dl-fldigi) or their is a case
for restarting them (mplayer), at the moment I have to recreate the
connections each time an app closes. Is it possible to create the
connections first and have them persist, then connect the apps when they are

Secondly I have some audio issues, there are fractional pauses every so
often which make the audio had to decode, is there anything about piping
through jack that could cause this, on something which might mitigate it?


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