[Jack-Devel] JACK1 0.125.0 is released

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Thu Sep 15 01:29:23 CEST 2016

Hello All.
I am not a programmer just a simple very appreciative user.
Thank you all for allowing me to make music in a very cool way!
I have never sent a message to you Paul Davis, so I will send it now and
say people like you are amazing to people like me and I wish you great
happiness with whatever comes next.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 5:27 AM, Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com>

> There's a new release JACK1 now available.
>       http://jackaudio.org/downloads/jack-audio-connection-kit-0.125
> .0.tar.gz
> (tagged in git as 0.125.0)
> Changes since 0.124.1, in rough order of significance:
>    * in the alsa_midi slave driver, fix hotpug device enumeration. JACK1
> will now respond
>           to MIDI devices being connected and disconnected while running.
>    * increase maximum size of a single JACK MIDI event to 64 bytes
>    * in the alsa_midi slave driver, fix thread start/stop handling when
> freewheeling
>    * add support for jack_port_rename()
>    * fix incorrect ALSA backend latency values when used with other than 2
> periods/buffer.
>    * drop support for CPU cycle counting clock, use kernel clocksource
> instead
>    * fix a double-fork that left zombie processes around
>    * improve the validity and usability of the return value of
> jack_frame_time()
>    * fix failing metadata look up by clearing UUID parsing buffer before
> use
>    * support unescaped double quotes in $HOME/.jackdrc
>    * fix memory leaks of metata key/value pairs
>    * fix crash caused by incorrect jack_error() format string
>    * remove option help from jackd and point user at documentation
>    * fix problems with garbage keys in metadata
>    * fix negative x-run values on Linux with ALSA backend and kernel 4.0
> or later
>    * build and run on openBSD with new sndio backend
>    * fix out-of-tree builds
>    * update configure.ac to work with current-ish autotools with less
> errors
>    * fix building on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) where clock_nanosleep() is not
> available
>    * enable use with Travis (continuous integration for OS X on github)
>    * correctly avoid Valgrind warning in one instance.
>    * use gcc atomics and CLOCK_REALTIME for generic CPU builds
>    * a handful of other minor bug fixes
> Contributors: Hans-Peter Portner, Fons Adriaensen, Erik de Castro Lopo,
> Filipe Coehlo, David Robillard, Adrian Knoth,  Dominic Sacré, Peter Nelson,
> Rui Nuno Capela, Robin Gareus, Peter Nelson, Paul Davis,  Miroslav Urbanek,
> Uladox, Josh de Kock, Jeremy Hu, Bernhard Wiedemann.
> With this release of JACK1, I (Paul Davis) am stepping down from my
> position as Benevolent Dictator for the project, and in all likelihood from
> any active involvement with the continuing development of JACK1. Filipe
> Coehlo (falktx to many of us) will be taking over my role as JACK1
> maintainer, and I believe that this leaves the project in excellent hands.
> JACK has been a long, strange and wondrous journey, and even if at this
> point I lean towards thinking that the whole idea was a bit of a mistake (!
> :), I want to thank all the amazing developers and users who contributed
> their time, intelligence, insights and interest to the project, and hope
> that it will continue forwards in the best possible way.
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