[Jack-Devel] Test 1,2

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 14:31:18 CET 2017

On 10.12.2017 14:28, Thomas Brand wrote:
> On Sun, December 10, 2017 14:24, Filipe Coelho wrote:
>> On 10.12.2017 14:19, Thomas Brand wrote:
>>> On Sun, December 10, 2017 14:11, Filipe Coelho wrote:
>>>> I think I was not clear enough.
>>>> I was not able to get windows builds. I don't even got to update my
>>>> mingw build. 1.9.12 is kinda tagged already (just not officially). So
>>>> 1.9.12 *will not have windows or macOS builds*.
>>> hm, ok .. I'm speculating that
>>> "Kjetil Matheussen" <k.s.matheussen at gmail.com>
>>> could help you there. It would make most sense to have at least one
>>> other supported platform so that it's "multi"-platform. For an audio
>>> abstraction layer like JACK it's even more important since
>>> multi-platform makes the abstraction complete. Cheers
>> True, but I don't agree with some of the ideas Kjetil proposed regarding
>> windows builds. I do not want to do a refactoring of jack2 code.
>> So likely I will end up doing the windows builds myself.
>> Something for next year.
> I don't know what Kjetil proposed but so or so it should be possible in
> the future to use sort of an official build tool chain for windows (and
> mac, probably less cumbersome since it's ~POSIX) so that anyone interested
> can build.
> 2 cent

Yes, I agree completely.
And this is how I plan to do these builds.
No commercial IDEs to build stuff (Visual Studio or XCode), but use the 
provided waf system instead.
There were quite a few commits (coming from pull requests) regarding 
this, but I haven't tested them too much.

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