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MOTU just released the 828es with AVB and USB standard compliant and two
ADAT I/O and Web based (not ALSA) mixer. That would be, for now, the
ultimate (AVB)  interface for Linux,  if it works.

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> That is such good news.  What(low cost)  hardware would this development
> be used on to support the developers with testing/debugging and maybe even
> development ?
> * MOTU LP32 (Preferred)
> * MiniDSP https://www.minidsp.com/products/network-audio/avb-dg  (I think
> MOTU's switch uses midDSP switch hardware)
> I hope someday it will be possible to connect 4 or more 8 channel ADAT
> modules (32 channels) to a PC under Ubuntu via AVB with low latency. The
> only option to get this done under Windows is a Focursrite DANTE based
> Rednet 3 right now because Thunderbolt is not really available there as
> well. Plan to get Rednet3,  but that does not solve the Linux environment
> which I prefer. Would love to be able to use the Rednet 3 under Linux but
> since DANTE is proprietary , so unlikely.
> My two wishes:
>   [a] Multi (16+) channel low latency audio I/O using ADAT audio AD/DA
>   [b[ Bitwig  supporting LV2 plugins.
> With those two,  the Linux Audio environment would be perfect and the
> world a better place.
> *(Apology for the re-sends and ignore the previous edits. Web based Gmail
> is such a annoyance and un-logically structured)*
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