[Jack-Devel] HALP! (Working on Cadence)

RiccardoCagnasso riccardo at phascode.org
Sat Aug 11 14:47:21 CEST 2018

I'm working on to add some functionalities to Cadence. I would like to
introduce a decent support to JackNet stuff, both master and slaves. I've
already posted a merge request ( https://github.com/falkTX/Cadence/pull/223
) and more are in the pipeline. 

BUT I'm having difficulties in finding appropriate documentation. Chiefly I
don't know where to look for the reference of the jack-dbus interface. 

Oh, and I would *really* appreciate if someone could explain how to check if
a private process is running. Something like 
jack_magic_command netmanager 

Bonus points if it is with the dbus interface.

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