[Jack-Devel] Compiling, Debuging and Running Jack2 with WAF

DaemoniumAer ariel.ebersberger at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 11:07:22 CET 2018

I am working on Arch Linux and  use gcc and gdb, my current IDE is Visual
Studio Code.
Can someone help me with how to use waf? It let's me configure, build and
install... but what if I want to test a change in code? I made a short
script wich unistalled, built and installed jack2 again so I could see the
change, but is there another way like executing jackd in the build dir? How
about cross-compiling to another architecture? I couldn't find anything
allowing me to do that. And how do you debug a program like this? I only
have experience with small projects and it's really hard to find anything
about it on the internet.
Sorry if this may end up being a stupid question but I have been spending
weeks trying to figure this out.
Kind regards,

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