[Jack-Devel] ?==?utf-8?q? MacOS support

Ralf Mattes rm at mh-freiburg.de
Wed Mar 28 03:41:31 CEST 2018

Am Mittwoch, 28. März 2018 03:21 CEST, "Chris Caudle" <chris at chriscaudle.org> schrieb: 
> A list user named "Michael" then posted this reply:
> I have Jack router working in 10.9.5 as the default audio device. 

That's Mavericks, released in 2013 qnd replaced by Yosemite in 2014 ...

> Yes, there
> were sandbox issues, but the small set of changes needed for the sandbox file
> was just that: small.
> Add to the end of system.sb:

That file is protected by SIP and can't be changed (short of rebooting into recovery mode
and doing some terminal surgery - not really what an average Mac user would do). 
A non-Apple installer/package isn't able to change these files.

 Cheers, RalfD

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