[Jack-Devel] MacOS support

Stefan Hellkvist stefan at stagecast.se
Wed Mar 28 06:17:06 CEST 2018

> Does installing jack router and using as the non-default device still
> work?  That at least should be usable for a lot of audio production
> software which lets you choose audio device, should it not?

(original poster here)

Yes, that works. In the end, since my program is a command line tool, the path I chose was to have a switch where you first let the user list the audio devices (which jack can do) and then you copy the listed ID and give it as an argument to jack when you start the tool. Not so user friendly perhaps, but the target audience for the tool is used to cli tools in my case. 

In order to build everything though (using Jack2), as I had a chain of dependencies all installed with brew, I had to roll my own brew formulas for the complete dependency chain to build everything against Jack2 instead of the brew binary. 

But, to state it again, Jack (at least Jack2) still works fine on latest MacOS if you allow the user to specify which audio device to talk to directly. You just cannot change jack to be the default audio device as you once could so you cannot route audio from apps (like iTunes) like you could before. This was not a strong requirement in my case though - useful for testing, but only that.

The GUI part - JackPilot or whatever is is called - in the jack2 distributed binary I never understood where it came from, so I never built that. Given the above limitations it is of less use though as you can do all you need from command line.


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