[Jack-Devel] Adding Microphone Input and Speaker Output to Jack Audio

thisstatementisfalse adamsarin12 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 04:19:50 CEST 2018

Hi! I recently setup Jack Audio along side Synchronous Audio Router, i made
the virtual inputs and outputs i wanted to using Reaper to access asio4alls
config with SAR, and setup jack audio to automatically start using SAR, but
i am unable to see both my microphone in as well as my headphone out within
Jack (via using catia).
My Headphones go through a USB dac (iFi iDSD) while my microphone goes to
the onboard microphone jack on my computer.
What would be the best way to get my microphone in and showing up in Jack /
Catia as well as my audio output.
All help will be greatly appreciated.

Im also on Windows 10 x64 1709.

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