[Jack-Devel] [rant] humility

David dplist at free.fr
Sat Apr 6 02:20:03 CEST 2019


I've been lurking here since the early 2000's, since the stuttering
beginning of jack (jaaa was it called then ?), and I'm amazed of the
ugly arrogance we recieve these days. "I have not contributed any kind
of idea or code, by still I know better". This pisses me off and get me
depressed. Jack, for one, is a piece of software I'm amazed about. I've
learned more reading this list than in any other so-called software

Please show humility where it is due, ask questions and offer inisight
anytime, but keep your selfish, narrow minded view for yourself until
you can provide any educated opinion.

Thanks for reading. To all the jack devs, you have my thankful respect.

-- D.

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