[Jack-Devel] List Achives

Thomas Brand tom at trellis.ch
Wed Feb 20 14:56:03 CET 2019

On Wed, February 20, 2019 10:24, John Rigg wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 12:41:08AM +0100, Thomas Brand wrote:
>> Currently the mailing list archive is for members only. Then again
>> nabble.com seems to have a copy of the whole archive. Would there be any
>> issue for anybody if all archives are published publicly (say in a
>> github repository)?. Any thoughts?
> If you do publish it please make sure email addresses are
> obscured to make automated address harvesting more difficult, as is done
> currently on nabble.com and the official archive.
> John

Yes I will do that. So far it looks pretty easy to extract just mails for
jack-devel. It needs a small parser per Mail to pick just the headers of
interest and handle content encoding (some mails have a base64 body). In
that step obfuscating the mail address is reasonable. I think nabble just
replaces the '@' with ' at ', which is better than nothing.
A flat file ordered by time would be the minimum. A better solution would
respect In-Reply-To and Message-ID headers in order to follow the thread.
It's good that data is not lost. In any case if there is something ready
to put out I'll first send a sample here.


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