[Jack-Devel] List Achives

Thomas Brand tom at trellis.ch
Sun Feb 24 15:03:56 CET 2019

On Sat, February 23, 2019 23:15, Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> I take it you have found a complete archive? Otherwise I could supply
> mails back to June 2008.

Hard to say if it's complete, it starts around 2009 so your archive would
be about half a month "older"!

You could send a private mail with a link to a tarball and I'll see if
using it fully or for the starting year will be easier to combine.
I let the conversion run over night (it takes around 1 sec per mail per
format) and it looks not bad, most stuff seems good for publishing.

-for HTML, there are "prev" "next" links now.
-follow-up and in-reply-to are not visible IDs but the subject, including
-small-ish text processing to remove empty lines before the first
non-empty line and the same for the tail

I plan to put it to a throw-away repository soon for testing, before it
goes to github.com/jackaudio/mailing_list_archive.


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