[Jack-Devel] synchronization with Jack transport

Philippe GARCIA-ORTUNO chapolin at free.fr
Fri Oct 4 01:35:28 CEST 2019

Yes I often use Ardour and Mixbus32c  but I do not actually use it for 
this problem: I just use seq24, seq64 and Giada:

I am on ubuntu studio64 with 2 multiface II sound cards + ESI M4U Xt 
midi usb interface

_/Try to create a minimal setup, which still exhibits the problem/_:

With seq24 I control 4 synthesizers : SE-02, Andromeda, Solaris and a Q 
Rack with midi pattern + the DSI Tempest set as slave and all are 
connected in seq24 interface. The seq24 different patterns are connected 
to the different synthesizers by this way: just right click in the 
pattern and choose the midi bus. In the option menu of seq24 I put on 
the midi clock on the midi channel of the tempest : [4] 28:3 (ESI M4U XT 
midi 4) ---> on

At this time everybody work fine but when I wanted to record the pattern 
loops in Giada (audio software) I had to connect Giada and seq24 to jack 
to make them synchronize and at this time I had the problem with the 
Tempest: 77 bpm instead of 120 bpm. At the beginning I thought that it 
was the fault of Giada but when I eliminated Giada of the setup, the 
problem persisted. It appears when I connect seq24 to jack.

So to summarize the moment when the problem appears, I do not use audio 
software, only midi with seq24 which drives the synthesizers and the 
Tempest as Slave.

To have a minimal setup now which still exhibits the problem, now I have 
only seq24 connected to the Tempest. _/

/_(I also tried  to connect the Tempest to my master midi i/o multiface 
but the problem persist.)


Le 03/10/2019 à 17:10, Christopher Arndt a écrit :
> (Re-directing the discussion to the mailing list again.)
> Am 03.10.19 um 15:03 schrieb Philippe GARCIA-ORTUNO:
>> Yesterday I made a test to connect seq24 (in seq24 send the clock to 
>> midi Throught and then connect midi Trought to Ardour MMC, 
>> Ardour+seq24+Tempest played well at 120).
> So is Ardour normally involved in your setup? Can you describe 
> exactly, which (audio) software you are running and what is connected 
> where and to what (audio and midi, ALSA, JACK and hardware MIDI 
> connections)? Try to create a minimal setup, which still exhibits the 
> problem.
> Chris
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