[Jackaudio] Trying to debug jackd crash (version 2)

Ethan Funk ethan at redmountainradio.com
Tue Apr 14 02:41:43 CEST 2020

Howdy jack-audio people.

It's good to have the list back! 
I have been developing a collection of programs that work together for
radio automation.  It's a port of a project I wrote and use currently
under OSX to run a radio station I own.  At this point, I have all the
core stuff working on Ubuntu, less a new UI, which I have not written
yet.  But that is mostly OK because my old OSX UI can control most of
the functions in the new components, and will work as I transition

So that bring me to the mostly working part. I have been testing an
testing and testing, and have come across a problem where my programs
cause jackd to crash after running as a system for a few days.  The
core-mixer program is persistent.  Media players are forked by, and
connect back to the core-mixer (arServer) to play their files, etc., as
needed, then quit.  It appears this repeated life cycle of the media
players are the cause, because the jackd crash always occurs just after
a media player disconnects from jackd. I am running Ubuntu Studio
tools, so as soon as jackd quits, it is re-run.  Crashes again one to
two more times, then runs without further disturbance, except that my
core-mixer it written to quits when it get notice that jackd shutdown. 
All my core code is in straight C and can be found at 
https://github.com/eafunk/audiorack.  Jackd does not crash with the
core-mixer running with a single audio source connected to it, with out
the media players loading and unloading. Neither does it quick when
left alone with an audio source hard-routed to a destination without
the core-mixer running.

Can any one suggest how I could debug jackd to figure out what my
program is doing to cause the crash?  Debugging my code is pointless
here, because it doesn't crashes when jackd does.  Any pointers on how
I can build jackd (the dbus multi-processor version) for debugging? 
Build tools give me nightmares, but I have to dig in to get this sorted

Ethan Funk

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