[Jackaudio] read jack audio data outside process callback

Andre Osku Schmidt andre at osku.de
Wed Feb 12 17:49:24 CET 2020

Hello JACKies,

i tinkered this thing https://github.com/oskude/jackplot that plots jack audio data with opengl in real-time (and am a really happy puppy :D). but as i'm a c, jack and opengl noob, i was hoping to get some help here. (at least for the jack part)

so i set the jack data (pointer) to a global variable

and read that data in opengl draw function (when ever its ready to draw)
(ignoring the function i read it in, am i even reading the jack data correctly?)

i'm suprised that it works, and hasn't crashed!
but i have the feeling that this is a bad/unsafe way to do it...
any thoughts? tips? links?

Andre Osku Schmidt

ps. i know about error checking, but i would like to keep this code as small as possible, until i understand the core jack-audio-data-to-opengl-points part.

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