[Jackaudio] run jackaudio on esp32

Jean-Louis Mounier jean-louis.mounier at laposte.net
Mon Feb 17 21:03:30 CET 2020

Hello friends,

do you think it is possible to compile and run JackAudio on ESP32. It 
could become a nice platform to connect "in ear" headphones or 
microphones for example. ESP32 is a powerfull, cheap and low-power 
platform having WiFi (2.4Ghz) and bluetooth capabilities.

This idea can be a platform to build a wireless (Wifi) for live 
performance, avoiding cable use.

I'll try to work on this subject but, as a newbie, it may take a long 
time. Hope some of you will bring some help.

Forgive my poor English as I am French speaking

Thank you in advance


Jean-Louis Mounier

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