[Jackaudio] Mackie 1640i i/o ports not detected in claudia, works with catia.

AreYouLoco? areyouloco at paranoici.org
Thu Jun 11 16:22:00 CEST 2020


I am using KXStudio repos on Debian Testing with Mackie 1640i firewire 
interface on Lenovo Thinkpad T420.

I followed most of this 
https://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/system_configuration to tune my system 
for audio work.

I am starting JACKd with cadence automatically on boot. Everything seems 
to work fine with Ardour and even PulseAudio sink but when I run Catia 
(version 5:0.9.1 from kxrepos) it detects my FW device and shows I/O 
ports so I can patch connections but not showing the device and I/O 
ports in Claudia (version 5:0.9.1 from kxrepos).

custom RT kernel 5.4.19-rt9-fw (I am using some patch to tune FIFO 
buffer on my firewire controller and get less xruns but same issue 
remains with stock debian RT kernel) with libffado 2.4.2-1.

Here is log from jackd: https://del.dog/raw/jackd_log [GREP FOR THE 
ERROR LINES]. Possible important lines:

ERROR: firewire MSG: Streaming thread running with Realtime scheduling, priority 30
ERROR: firewire MSG: Registering audio capture port firewire_pcm:000ff2050000145b_CH1_in

If someone has some more experience with JACKd and know where to start 
debugging process please do post reply. Thanks in advance!


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