[Jackaudio] Distorted sound out of JACK-consumed programs

Roberto Carraro info at robertocarraro.com
Sun Nov 15 12:44:05 CET 2020

So, I went a bit further in the troubleshooting process. I realized that 
Reaper autosaves .wav files of what's being played.
While those files when played through the audio board (as output device) 
and with headphones are distorted, if I play them out of my pc speakers 
they come out nicely.
Besides, Reaper can also use ALSA as input, not only JACK and the 
results are the same.
So I may have to look elsewhere for my issue.


On 2020-11-15 10:24, Roberto Carraro wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to audio production in Linux, so apologies in advance if I
> will use wrong terms and bad jargon. I'd like to record my guitars and
> bass, but I've found a problem which I think it can be JACK-related.
> I bought 2 USB audio interfaces, a 2-channel Behringer which I
> returned and a Focusrite Solo 3rd gen, which I'm testing right now.
> The issue that I have is with the programs that use JACK, like
> Guitarix and Reaper. It seems I can only get distorted sounds out of
> them and both have JACK as input source.
> Instead, Audacity, which lets me choose the hardware audio interface
> directly, lets me hear the sound of my instrument just fine.
> What I've tried so far:
> - my everyday Ubuntu 18.04 with low-latency patch: Guitarix and Reaper
> distorted audio and Audacity just fine
> - live AVlinux: Guitarix distorted audio and Audacity just fine
> - live Ubuntu Studio: Guitarix distorted audio and Audacity just fine
> Can someone please help? What else can I try?
> I'd like to stick with Ubuntu 18.04, as it is my main everyday desktop.
> Thank you.
> Roberto
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