[Jackaudio] Problem with jack transport between VM host and VM guest

Stephan Auerochs stephan.auerochs at bosurus.de
Wed May 26 09:58:33 CEST 2021


sorry, I missed a line from the jack startup messages on the Win7 VM:
NetDriver started in async mode without Master's transport sync

So this is not a network problem.
I have not found a parameter to start the transport sync.
Some older internet comments say, that net transport is not ready for 
use with jack2. I don't know if this is still true for my configuration.
The linux system uses jack 1.9.17, the Win7 VM 1.9.18.

Seems, that the delay is a timeout, from linux jackd waiting for sync 
with the VM jackd.

I can live without the transport sync between VM host and guest. I want 
to use the Win7 VM as an VST plugin host, for recording some sounds from 
my old VST plugins. Bitwig has some nice features to use such sound samples.

So now the question is:
For smoothly recording, how do I prevent the linux master jackd from 
trying to sync with the VM jackd?


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