[linux-audio-announce] Quicktoot release number 9

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Wed Nov 13 13:40:09 EST 2002

We are pleased to announce Quicktoot release number 9

Jacking Pd and Ardour - a tootorial

written by Reiner Klenk.
Realtime synthesis is one of the cornerstones of digital audio recording 
and performance. This toot gives you a helping hand into the world of 
Pure Data - One of the most popular and powerful synthesis 
applications/environments. With JACK it is now possible to stream more 
audio than ever before through applications like Pd and Ardour is there 
to help record the results.
				Mommy, my ears are bleeding


The purpose of the Quicktoots are to provide a community resource of
informative guides for using Linux audio applications.

The Quicktoots are the brainchild of Dave Phillips the man responsible
for the most comprehensive webpage devoted to Linux audio applications.
The Linux Sound and Midi page. Your one stop resource for Linux sound


If you are in the position to link to any of the quicktoots please link
to the main page. That way we can keep more accurate statistics on the
amount of people viewing the pages.

If you are interested in contributing to the Quicktoots please let us
know. All work must be submitted to either Dave or myself and we will
give advice or make changes to ensure our publishing standard is met. If
you are not able to send html don't worry because I am willing to format
any braindumps.


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kindof like does anyone remember like get_symbol
and put_symbol I think we used to have..."
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