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robbins jacob jacobrobbins_ at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 9 22:41:09 EDT 2003

Input Maps released

I have released a small collection of C code that provides 
user-customizeable mappings for controlling realtime objects with event 
streams: input maps.

You should be able to shoehorn this C code into your realtime host app if 
you want to. There is a sample program that connects a simple example input 
map to an alsa rawmidi device.

These input maps are small, simple and can be adapted to accomodate any 
event type that is represented as a C struct.

Available at  http://soundtank.sourceforge.net/input_maps

      -input map = overall mapping for one realtime object

      -submap = part of an input map handling one event parameter

      -tests = tests performed on an event parameter

      -actions = resulting actions taken upon match :
           action types: remap to different input map, remap to different 
submap in current input map, app-defined callback fxn

      -route event function = runs an event through a set of input maps and 
does the appropriate actions

Features NOT present yet:

     -store/create input maps to/from xml
     -map/test/action aliases
     -implementation as a shared library

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