[linux-audio-announce] ANNOUNCE: Rosegarden4-0.9 released

Richard Bown bownie at bownie.com
Tue Apr 29 10:53:16 EDT 2003

The Rosegarden team have great pleasure in announcing the immediate
availability of Rosegarden4-0.9 for download.  Rosegarden4 is a
MIDI and audio sequencer and notation editor for Linux.

This release shows a signifiant step towards our final 1.0 release
goals and includes much improved performance notation support, improved
device/instrument management, improved audio capabilities (including
fully working LADSPA plugins, stereo audio recording and mixing), more
studio features (improved bank editing and device information import
and sharing), much improved lilypond export, a variety of translations
(Russian, Spanish, and German), MIDI synchronisation infrastructure and
much more.

Please see the project homepage for further information and download


This release has been tested against a variety of ALSA 0.9 versions and
with JACK versions 0.50.0, 0.61.0 and recent CVS (0.69.1).  This version
has also been used extenisvely in conjunction with softsynths such as
Hydrogen 0.8.0beta and Fluidsynth 1.0.0.

Many thanks go out to all developers, translators, documenters, testers,
bug reporters and users.

Specific features changes as follows:


o Bank Editor dialog reworked - many fixes and new apply/reset methodology.
  Device "librarians" - increased number of pre-supported patchsets.

o Split-by-pitch with ranging split point

o Tip of the Day

o "Revert file" option

o Studio -> Save Current Document as Default Studio (autoload.rg)

o Tracks toolbar

o Detailed sequencer status information available in Configure dialog

o Document autosaving and recovery

o More complete Right Mouse Button menu in tracks canvas

o Document loading rework

o Better progress reporting for long operations

o Segment labelling

o Floating value help when moving rotaries/sliders

o Tracks can be moved up and down in the Composition

o Track Deletion

o Better handling of the sequencer process

Notation editor

o Significant improvements in rendering and editing notation from
  performance MIDI data

o Ability to quantize for notation without changing performance

o Performance interpretation of dynamics and accent stresses

o Corrected display of all accidentals in (or against) every key

o Marks and Group toolbars


o Lots of translations - Russian, Spanish, French, German

o Tutorial thanks to Michael McIntyre (including PDF):



o Devices and Instruments reworked - connection based Device management -
  new Instrument selection menus

o Dynamic ALSA client detection - create new available connections

o Selection of ALSA recording device

o Import of Banks/Programs from Rosegarden Device files (.rgd) and
  from standard Soundfont files

o Library of premapped MIDI devices in .rgd files


o Basic support for MIDI Clock

o Initial work on MTC/MMC infrastructure

o Infrastructure for JACK transport compliance


o Improved performance

o new Audio Fader widgets - panning, volume, stereo/mono

o Flexible JACK input port configuration - create as many
  JACK input ports as you require and connect them to
  audio faders.

o Stereo audio recording and monitoring (WAVs)

o Improved LADSPA plugin support - bypass, restore works,
  value tips, multiple plugins now working per Instrument

o Countdown limit for audio recording time (to protect disk space)
  including check for available disk space on current record path

o NOTE: there are still some issues with audio latency and efficiency
  and syncing with MIDI.  You may need to work with the latency values
  in Settings->Configure Rosegarden->Latency->JACK Latency/MIDI Latency

Lilypond export

o Corrected handling of all accidentals in (or against) every key

o Corrected severe problems with slurs between chords

o Corrected most problems with hairpins

o Corrected most problems with tuplets

o Export of metadata tags (Edit -> Document Properties) that correspond to
  Lilypond headers into the \header block

o Upped version = string to 1.6.0 (support for 1.8 is on the agenda for
  the 1.0 release)

o Export of text marks (accents, tenuto, etc.)

o Export of text events (directions, tempo indications, etc.)

o Export of slashes (tremolo indications)

o Extraction of lyrics for export into \lyric blocks

o Export of mid-composition time signature changes

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