[linux-audio-announce] jackEQ: dj eq and meter.

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Aug 16 13:36:42 EDT 2003

For those of you who are interested in dj tools or tools for live
performance, Steve Harris has made a new plugin called DJ EQ which is a 
three band EQ commonly found on dj mixing consoles. It's
currently only available in the snapshots directory.

You may also be interested in a new app we are creating based on the
code from JAMin. It's called jackEQ.

http://sf.net/projects/jackeq. No webpage yet and only cvs.

It is in its infancy but it already connects to JACK and has a one 
channel (multiple i/o via qjackconnect) EQ and meter.

I would like it to be able to do all these things eventually:

unlimited channels.
jack port connection ala freq tweak style
route signal to monitor if monitor button is toggled for channel
independant monitor gain control (with meter) and output to alternate 

With the above I could use my four channel card as a complete djing tool
. You could also use a two channel card in a similar (mono) way.

The monitor will be assignable to seperate output channels than the main 
outs. All the channels can be routed to it if needed. The eq's are all 
adjusted before the signal arrives at the monitor.

This is how I intend to use it:

mon    ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 echo   ardour
|       |----------------|     |
out1&2        out3&4        internal

If you are interested in contributing please join the mailing list.


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