[linux-audio-announce] Ann: Vstserver v0.3.0, ladspavst v0.1.6, vstserver-0.3.0-wine.tar.bz2

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Mon Dec 22 06:18:21 EST 2003

Vstserver 0.2.8 -> 0.3.0:
-Cache is updated when starting the vstserver. Also added some  workaround code
 to avoid deadlocks. You may still sometime need to press ctrl-c and start
 vstserver again, but the problem is not as appeareant as before.
-Does not use realtime priority when updating cache only.
-Better documentation for vstlib. ("make doc")
-New functions in vstlib: VSTLIB_newCacheList, VSTLIB_deleteCacheList, VSTLIB_getName.
-Removed function in vstlib: VSTLIB_deleteCache. (Use VSTLIB_delete instead)
-All clients must be recompiled.
-Works with the latest version of wine at the time of writing, 9.12.2003.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.6 - stable
-Use the new vstlibs functions to gather
 the cached AEffect structs. (non-important update)

This is the unmodified cvs wine from winehq 9.12.2003.
Tested and works with vstserver v0.3.0


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