[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] JACK Rack 1.2.0

Bob Ham rah at bash.sh
Tue Feb 4 15:06:13 EST 2003

Hi all,

No response to the beta testing request, so I'll have to subject you all
to a likely hairy release :)  Arbitrary channels are the biggest thing. 
Also, previous save files will no longer work as the save files use XML
now.  Sorry, but it's better to change it now instead of later as
changing the xml format will create less of a disturbance.

* can now have arbitrary channel numbers.  you can use any plugin that has
  equal numbers of input and output channels where they divide exactly into
  the number of rack channels.  eg, you could have a 4 channel rack with 2
  stereo plugins in one slot and 4 mono plugins in another.  obviously, you
  can also have mono racks now.  use the -c command line option to specify
  the number of channels on startup.
* now, when you lock a group of controls, only one widget will be shown.
  click on a control while holding down the CTRL key to make it the one that
  remains visible.
* the PID is now used in the jack client name by default.  you can change it
  to the previous behaviour (of using just "jack_rack") with the -n option.
* save files now use an XML format (which is incompatible with the previous
  format, sorry)
* port connecting works now, -i to connect inputs, -o to connect outputs
* quite a bit of code factoring and cleanups and stuff



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