[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] JACK TimeMachine

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jan 15 18:03:00 EST 2003

http://plugin.org.uk/timemachine/ tarball, 100k.
Depends on SDL, SDL_image, jack and libsndfile.

I used to always keep a minidisc recorder in my studio running in a mode
where when you pressed record it wrote the last 10seconds of audio to the
disk and then caught up to realtime and kept recroding. The recorder died
and haven't been able to replace it, so this is a simple jack app to do
the same job. It has the advantage that it never clips and can be wired to
any part of the jack graph.

I've been using it to record occasional bursts of interesting noise from
jack apps feeding back into each other.

Usage: ./configure, make, make install, run jack_timemachine. Connect it
up with a patchbay app. To start recording click in the window. To stop
recording, click in the window.

It writes out 32bit float WAV files called tm-<time>.wav, where <time> is
the time the recording starts from.

The prebuffer time and number of channels are set in a macro, defaults are
10s and 2. It works on my machine, and I'l fix major bugs, but I don't
really have time to support another piece of software, so good luck :)
If anyone wants to maintain it, feel free.

May it preserve many interesting sounds for you,

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