[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] PyJack 0.1 Released

Andy Schmeder andy at a2hd.com
Thu Mar 20 20:31:27 EST 2003

PyJack 0.1, Initial Release
Download: http://www.a2hd.com/software/

This is a Python module which provides an interface to the Jack Audio
Server. It is possible to access the Jack graph to manipulate port
connections, monitor graph change events, and to perform
soft-realtime audio capture and playback using Numeric Python arrays. 
More details, including caveats regarding realtime usage, can be found in
the package documentation.

This software is released under the GPL.

Andy W. Schmeder

P.S. I will not CC to jackit-devel for future release announcements.  This
is only for the initial.  Thanks.



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