[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] GNUsound 0.6.1 released

Pascal Haakmat a.haakmat at chello.nl
Thu Nov 6 19:41:19 EST 2003

GNUsound 0.6.1 was released. This is a maintenance release to fix a
few critical bugs. I really wanted to skip this release and go
straight for 0.7, but there's too much work to be done on that version
still, and the 0.6 bugs are quite serious.
Changes from version 0.6:
Fixed bug where channels past 4 wouldn't play (by removing unrolled
mixer_mux()'s, they hardly added any speed anyway).
Fixed possible crash drawing markers (Jens Mauer).
Fixed crash canceling "File Save" dialog.
Fixed crash on machines with MMX but without MMX2 (original Pentium).
Download at the usual place:

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