[linux-audio-announce] [ANNOUNCE] rtsynth-1.9.2 ALSA

Stefan Nitschke stefan_nitschke at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 12:18:53 EDT 2003


Version 1.9.2 of RTSynth for ALSA is available for download.
This is mainly a clean-up and speed-up version.

Get your copy at the RTSynth home page http://www.linux-sound.org/rtsynth/

- removed all old examples as they had been completely outdated. Added 
  matching the current version.
- reduced internal buffer sizes to a minimum.
- locking down of memory when used in real time mode has been completed.
- Midi thread runs now by default in non real time mode. This change ensures
  that the audio stream will never be interrupted by a Midi event. You can 
  force Midi real time mode from the command line.

- pitch bend frequency adjustment has been improved.
- added 6-pole formant filter to the multi output filter unit.
- added gain controller to pm-resonators in drum synth.


P.S. A new version for the jack audio connection kit will be available soon.

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