[linux-audio-announce] Vstserver v0.2.7

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Sun Sep 14 04:54:39 EDT 2003

(I'm crossposting this to linux-audio-user since there so few
 reading laa, for some strange reason, and that people often seems to
 be surprised this program exist, even though it has existed for nearly
 a year.)

	Vstserver is a program that must be running when using programs
	using vstlib.

	Vstlib is a library that can be used by programs to run windows
	vst audio plugins under i386linux/i386freebsd/i386solaris/i386etc.
	(May require som modifications for other os-es than i386linux).

	0.2.6 -> 0.2.7:
	-The vstserver program does not refuse to load a plugin if the release
	 version number (Ie. 7 in 0.2.7) for the server differs from the library
	 release version number for the client contacting the server.
	-Fixed a typo that made processing of blocks larger than 1024 produce
	 silence only. Bug reported by Dave Phillips.
	-Latest version of wine from www.winehq.com still works fine with vstserver.
	 If it doesnt, this one should:


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