[linux-audio-announce] wcnt-1.1z is released!

James W. Morris sirrom75 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 6 19:43:46 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone!

Announcing for the last time this year the new release of Wav Composer Not 
Toilet.  Wcnt is of course, the not-real-time modular synth, sequencer, 
sampler, wav file generator.  Get it from wcnt.sourceforge.net.

This release is wcnt-1.1z (read wcnt-1.1260) and here are the new features 
and changes:


*** Updated website to be more helpful + online example.

*** Sets of data which are not module parameters or module inputs (shape of 
an adsr, notes in a riff, riffs in a sequencer, etc) have now been 
generalised into a base class.  Specialised data reading routines have been 
replaced, which make it easier to program new data sets.  This also means 
that data definitions are now more tappy tappy on your keyboard, my 
justification for this extra user effort is readability.

*** Riffs inserted into sequencer can be transposed at point of insertion, 
and the note lengths can be modified.


*** Now has short options too.

*** two conversion options to convert a note name to a frequency, and a 
frequency to degrees per sample and samples per cycle.


*** dynamic
	Maps amplitudes of input signal to a set of output amplitudes/ratios.  Of 
course it has two sets of which the output can be modulated between.

*** spreader
	Spreads the output of a number of wcnt_signal modules along an imaginary 
line and outputs that which the modulation input lands upon.

*** note_tran
	Translates notes into values.  The note range used depends on being 
triggered by a note_on, or note_slide.  Four output triggers so you can tell 
if the note was in one of the two note ranges or not.  (see online example: 
wcnt.sourceforge.net/drumex01.wc )


*** adsr got a couple new params regarding shape modulation

*** logic trigger's xor mode definately works now (dunno if it did before)

*** trigger now behaves in a note_on/note_off type operation gleaned from 
the input signal.

*** wcnt_signal has a level param

That's All Folks, same time next year, see ya!  see ya!  see ya.  see ya, 
see ya see yaseeyacyacyacycaaa...



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