[linux-audio-announce] sfront 0.86 04/24/04 released

John Lazzaro lazzaro at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 25 19:48:23 EDT 2004

Hi laa-folk,

Announcing the release of sfront 0.86 4/24/04, available
for download from:


It's been a while since the last release -- I was waiting
for the RTP MIDI specification to reach stability.  This
release supports the version of RTP MIDI described in
draft-ietf-avt-rtp-midi-format-03.txt, which hopefully
will be the version that goes to Last Call soon.  See:


For the latest in RTP documents.

For those of you unfamiliar with sfront, here's a short bio:

Sfront compiles MPEG 4 Structured Audio (MP4-SA) bitstreams into
efficient C programs that generate audio when executed. MP4-SA is a
standard for normative algorithmic sound, that combines an audio
signal processing language (SAOL) with score languages (SASL, and the
legacy MIDI File Format). Under Linux and Mac OS X, sfront supports
real-time, low-latency audio input/output, local MIDI input from
soundcards, and networked MIDI input using RTP and SIP. A SIP server
hosted on the Berkeley campus manages sessions. The documentation
includes a book about SAOL programming.

John Lazzaro
lazzaro [at] cs [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

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