[linux-audio-announce] free!music cd 1.0 :)

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 07:40:43 EST 2004

We are happy to finally announce immediate availability of FREE!MUSIC
CD that ships with a russian GNU/Linux distribution "ALT Linux Master

This CD contains Ogg Vorbis encoded music from 30 groups and
individual performers in quite different styles (rock, traditional
etc). According to FREE!MUSIC declaration all tracks can be copied,
sold, reused in movies etc. -- whatever you like, but you always have
to keep name of the authors and their contacts information, so that
anyone can mail or phone them and suggest a contract or a gig etc :)

English text of the declaration can be found here:
We will make this site truly multilingual as soon as Mambo 4.6 will be released.

You can download the disc as ISO from here:

ISO should also be avaliable from Ibiblio soon:

You can browse CD contents here:

All in Russian. Sorry, guys :)


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